Try the Acai Bowl Trend

Visit our store in New Bedford or Fairhaven, MA to try something new

Have you seen posts of perfect-looking acai bowls popping up on your social feeds and just been dying to try one? They really do taste as good as they look! Lighthouse Nutrition in Fairhaven, MA and On A Mission Nutrition in New Bedford, MA sell Instagram-worthy protein acai bowls.

Try one of our acai bowls for breakfast or as a post-workout treat! It'll leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Tasting is believing

You simply have to try one of our protein acai bowls. You can choose from the:

  • Lighthouse bowl: acai, protein powder, Nutella and peanut butter drizzle, organic coconut, sliced almonds
  • On A Mission bowl: same ingredients as the Lighthouse bowl, served at our New Bedford, MA location
  • Breakfast bowl: acai, protein powder, whole-grain granola, honey drizzle, peanut butter drizzle
All three of these options are packed with protein and nutrition. Stop by today to enjoy a tasty treat.